Our Formula For Success

Evaluating and Planning + Advising and Supporting = Your Company Success

Formula-Success* Receivership
* Short/Long Term Management
* Management Consulting
* Management of Land Sales & Acquisitions
* Turn Around Consulting
* Special Project Management
* Loan Evaluation
* Development and Investment Management

Receivership Success

Executive’s Edge facilitated the completion of one home, continued work on the three partially built homes (until project was sold as is), and worked with the city planning department.  We sold this project through the receivership to a large builder who plans to continue the subdivision project.

This project consisted of 1 completed home and 3 partially built homes, 25 completed lots and 35 tentative mapped lots.

Receivership Success

This Receivership consisted of 13 partially built homes and 59 ready to build on lots. Executives Edge managed the completion of all 13 homes and worked with the builder and city to acquire the Certificates of Occupancy for this project.  This tract is currently being sold through the Receivership.


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